Want to increase efficiency and drive more conversions?

Lemma does things a bit differently. And by differently, we mean better.

We’re a team of digital marketers...

…bringing businesses the best-in-class performance marketing expertise in high-potential channels, including:paid search, paid social, email (lifecycle) and conversion rate optimization.

What do you get when you combine our deep knowledge of direct sales and lead generation conversion strategies with our data-first approach and action-oriented mindset? A measurable framework for exponential growth for companies of all sizes.

Our Values
(i.e. how we do it differently)

Data First

Before we start scoping anything, we dig into Google Analytics so we can create a detailed set of recommendations that will work for you in the long term. Shoot us access at hello@lemmalift.com.


A good sales team can be effective, but we'd rather take the route of having our marketers do sales. No commission, no bad scopes, and no wasted time. Let's cut out the middlemen and use that time towards strategic planning.


We hope you'll stay forever, but if a channel is no longer working for you we're happy to pro-rate you up to today and cancel the rest of the month's billing. Getting nickeled-and-dimed on your way out is not what your business needs.