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Performance marketing capabilities that’ll move the needle quickly and efficiently.

Paid Search

PPC Paid Search

Come up when customers search you. Come up when competitors search you.

From single campaigns for startups to multi-location legacy businesses, we've helped brands scale by closing the gap between where they are and where they want to be.


Your ads aren’t showing in the places they need to be, and you’re not getting the conversion volume to grow your business. What can you do to build an effective ad presence?


We understand which levers to pull for your industry and desired spend to achieve your goals. We're pros at Google Shopping and optimizing your products to provide the best search experience for your customers and boost your sales.

Paid Social

Paid Social Marketing

Navigating Zuck's weird rules and Tiktok dances can be tough. Our social ads experts know what works best and what to test to meet your goals.

Growing your business with paid social is a great way to get sales volume quickly, making it an awesome growth tool.


Meta costs keep rising every month. Facebook users seem to be less and less as people move over to other platforms. Display advertising is becoming more of an art that a science as ad platforms keep removing data points on their users.


Lemma has seen it all. We're up-to-date on what's working and what's not working on social ad platforms, and we stay in close touch to make sure that the knobs we turn are deliberate in closing the gap between you and your goals.

Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization works best when your site is converting well and you're ready to maximize transaction rates or lead submissions. Experimenting with a clear hypothesis helps optimize your goals based on data-driven decisions.

If you're getting more than a few hundred transactions or leads / month, CRO is a no-brainer.


Meta costs keep rising. Personal data is harder to get. With climbing CPAs, optimizing your conversion rate is now crucial for your business' success.


We strategize tests based on your goals and our learnings from the industry. For ecomm, we'll optimize for higher revenue and transactions; for lead-gen, we'll optimize for lead volume (and quality). We're not here to reduce bounce rates but to improve your business and move the needle.


Email marketing

Email is still one of the top-converting channels for ecomm. We love digging into Klaviyo and Mailchimp to really make your funnels sing. Automations and flows are our specialty.

We'll strategize and setup your email flows so that you can re-engage with all of those users that dropped their email and started checkout but didn't quite finish up.


It's getting harder to retarget on social platforms, and expensive. Your website might only have one shot to educate potential customers before they abandon without returning.


We'll setup retargeting email campaigns that educate users, get them excited, and bring them back to buy. Email should account for around 10% of sales, and we'll work to get it there. It's also awesome to have a bank of first-party customer data so that you can segment users and talk directly to their needs and wants (which means happier customers and higher lifetime value).